Lola Indigo:Search for Love (100 baby challenge) chapter 1

Lola Indigo was just getting settled into San Myshuno when she decided to go exploring the neighborhood to meet new people. Everyone was instantly shocked by her beauty and intelligence. Everyone wanted to know Lola.

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The guys in particular were the most intrigued by Lola. Her beauty even caught the eye of the local cheater, Don Lothario, he introduced himself. Lola couldn’t be bothered. She was too busy chatting with Gunther Munch and newly single Diego. But after a long day of meeting people and walking around Lola headed back to her two bedroom apartment.

And thats when she ran into ex fiance, Arun Bheeda, and she was shocked.

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“Arun! What are you doing here?” Lola said with a confused look on her face. Arun was just as equally shocked, “I live here Lola, what are YOU doing here, I thought you were staying in Sunset Valley?” For some reason after all the heartache he caused her, Lola’s heart still skipped a beat just looking at him. “I moved here, I just published my first book, and I’m working on my second,” she replied. Arun looked nervous, he knew she had been writing about him, he swallowed his pride, and congratulated her, “That’s amazing. I’ll have to come read it some time!” Lola remember why the split up. It was all stupid Jesminder’s fault, and she wanted to get even, she could tell by Arun’s face he was still into her. “Well, you could stay over for a bit and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on,” she said suggestively. And he followed her inside.

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The two quickly started making out and thats when Lola decided to get revenge. She lied and told Arun she wasn’t able to have kids, so they woohooed without protection. She even went as far as to have him sleep over, knowing his wife was next door. The next morning Arun quickly headed back to his apartment trying to avoid his wife.

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A few weeks after their little reunion, Lola decided to be even more spiteful, she was writing her second book, titled “Jesminder, I slept with Arun.” It was going to be a tell all book of how she waited so patiently to get revenge on the woman who ended her engagement. But in the middle of the second half of the book she started feeling very sick.

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She decided not to think anything of it for another 3 weeks, when suddenly she woke up, and started vomiting. “Oh man, what have I done? I think I’m pregnant,”Lola worried. On the other hand she thought it would be a great way to split up Arun and Jesminder, and at last Lola and Arun could reunite, so she took a test and the results were positive. Lola grinning and thought to herself, “Goodbye Jesminder, Arun’s true wife will be with him soon, and you’ll be crying your eyes out.” Lola headed over to talk to Arun.

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“Arun, I’m pregnant!” Lola announced excitedly. But she wasn’t prepared for how Arun was going to react. He instantly grew angry and she could see the worry and hurt on his face. “How could you lie to me?! You know I’m married, Jesminder will kill me, especially when she sees court ordered child support documents!” Arun screamed. Lola taken aback by his reaction replied, “Wow, I thought you wanted me back. Your eyes said so that night and so did your hands! We can be the family we always SHOULD have been until that homewrecker!” This infuriated Arun even more. “Lola, I dont love you. I wanted to sleep with you because ever since Jesminder found out she’s pregnant, she wont woohoo with me anymore!” he screamed. Lola was devastated and tears filled her eyes, she thought she had finally won, and now panic set in as she was going to be a single mom. “I’ll send you the court documents when our child is born, don’t talk to me ever again!” Lola cried as she ran home.08-10-17_10-09-57 PM

Later that night Arun and Jesminder woohooed as loudly as possible. Lola spent the entire night crying her eyes out, she wished Jesminder would just die, she was so angry. Lola ended up leaving to go to a party a friend J, had told her about, where she contemplated keeping the child.08-10-17_11-18-08 PM

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Lola Indigo: Search for love (100 baby challenge) Intro.

Hi everyone, this is my first 100 baby challenge I’ve done, i started one but realized I messed up the original by her getting pregnant twice by a donor. So here we are again.

This is Lola Indigo she is the matriarch for this challenge. Heres some background info on her. Lola Indigo moved to San Myshuno after finishing Uni in Sunset Valley. Her then fiance Arun Bheeda cheated on her with his now current wife. Fed up with her life she packed up and moved. Little did she know she would move next door to them. She’s an aspiring author. She just published her first book: Arun Bheeda the liar, which became a bestseller instantly. She’s creative, cheerful, domestic, and romantic. All she wants is to find her one and only soulmate. But will she? Who knows.08-10-17_10-00-49 PM